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From Jack's Journal
by Hazim Al-Halabi
L.E 49.9900
Literature & Fiction

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When eighteen-year-old Sarah and nine-year-old Hailie regain consciousness in the hospital on January 10, 2010, they are told they had been severely injured in a car accident on New Year's Eve. The two sisters are confused; they have lost their memories and can't remember their names or who they are. Their brother, Jack, who was driving the vehicle, suffered only minor injuries.
Jack discusses the details of the girls' lives as he drives them to their home. But once they are settled, nothing looks or seems familiar. Even the neighbours don't recognise Sarah and Hailie, who share a close sisterly bond. The girls become suspicious about Jack and his actions, and they feel he is lying to them. They wish they could remember something about their former lives.
As the girls seek clues to their identities, they don't know if Jack is someone they can trust or someone they should fear.

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